Boy or Girl?

When choosing the puppy of your dreams, are you thinking of a male or a female?  Many of my clients already know exactly what gender they want and why they want it.  On the other hand, I have a handful of clients who simply cant decide is Fifi or Fido is the match for them.  So here let's take the time to speak about the differences between choosing a male or female puppy.


The boys: Neutered males rarely exhibit secondary sexual behavior such as marking, lifting their legs on your favorite sofa, or humping.  Once the testosterone levels recede after neutering, most of these behaviors will disappear if they ever existed.  Boys who were neutered early (by five months of age) usually don’t ever raise their leg to urinate. Personality wise, I find that males tend to be a steadier personality.  If you wake up to a playful demeanor every day, thats exactly what you can expect for the next 5 or so years.  Sometimes longer if he comes from parents who show playful personalities even in their adult years.  A calm male will generally continue to have a calm demeanor hs entire life, rarely upset by changes in his daily pattern.  So with that said, I consider my boys to have a more predictable personality.


The girls: Each and every one of us are different.  There are tom-boy girls and foo-foo girls, Schnauzers girls are no different.  Sometimes a girl will be dainty and soft, usually more dramatic and willing to show her "mood of the day".  Other times, the tom-boy girl will act very similar to the boys, willing to be adventurous and interested in just being that loyal companion they are so good at being.  These are the 2 types of females I often come across.  Therefore each dog has its own personality, some females tend to be more moody than the boys and more willing to get upset if something new shows up in the daily routine.  As they age you may also notice they become more of a "head of the household" type of gal, running the home as they see fit.  This is a completely normal behavior!  In a wild pack, it is often the alpha-female who is telling everyone what to do and when to do it.  Dont be surprised if your new girl wants to help you manage your own schedule.



If you neuter and spay your puppy you are on equal playing ground.  Now you are looking at personality and characteristics of the breed that you like.  In my personal pack of Schnauzers, I am pleased to say I have a bit of diversity.  Some Schnauzers that love to play, some sit on my lap and watch TV, but all of them like to follow me around where ever I go.