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Meet The Parents

Our Ladies are the backbone to producing such elegant and loving
furball puppies.  I must emphasize that character is something I dont take lightly.  Each of my dogs are unique in a way no other can be, and yet they are all kind hearted and have sweet personalities. Being a mother has made me most aware of how I expect my Schnauzers to behave, even with children.



Our Gentlemen are dashing for certain, but they also add the 
structure and agility that we have come to enjoy.  Playing ball, frisbee, tug-o-war, or chasing after squirrels and rodents are all part of what joys Schnauzers bring.



Through the pack I have learned that not everything is as it seems.
One minute the pack can be silent and basking in the sun, then the next minute one takes off after a low flying cow-bird and the whole pack is vividly aware.  Barking and chasing and then playing once again.  It might be loud at times but never without an excuse.  Schnauzers are always on patrol!


occurs daily here at Jazzy Schnauzers.  Though we do own a kennel, our dogs are played with on a daily basis. Human interaction is a huge part of what Schnauzers love and we are sure to give it to them.

Summertime fun
is always extra work for me. The Schnauzers absolutely love going swimming! Which means more brushing and blow drying on my part.

Personalities plus!

We only breed happy, healthy dogs here and they are treated like the loving companions they are.

NuVet puppy    
   vitamins available!

AKC ReUnite, the best microchip!

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