Via Puppy Escort 
Want your puppy hand delivered?  I'd be happy to meet you!  We meet at the airport and go over the paperwork and any questions and concerns you may have.  Typically the cost of this delivery is $600.  The price includes a round trip ticket and the puppy boarding fee.  Please be sure to let me know as soon as possible if you need your puppy hand delivered as the price of tickets vary greatly!  (Last minute flights may have an additional fee.)


Via Airline Crate

The puppy would travel at nine weeks of age, this giving adequate time for the puppy to have 2 sets of vaccinations and extra time to grow prior to the flight.
This option is where the puppy is shipped in the cargo section of the plane and is put on a direct flight to you.  We use United Airlines for shipping and it costs $400.  This price include ticket, crate and vet certification to fly. 


Via Drive Time

Delivery within 50 miles of my home is FREE.  After 50 miles I do ask that you provide a bit of gas money at .25 cents per mile. ($12.50 for every 50 miles or $25 for every 100 miles)

NuVet puppy    
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