Visiting Your Puppy

When you can visit your puppy? 
We have recently changed our method of visitations.  Due to recent Parvovirus outbreaks in our area, we will not be allowing visitors to come to our home.  We do this for the protection of both your puppy, and our property.  Parvovirus is highly contagious and is easily spread from one yard to the other simply by wearing the same pair of shoes from one house to the next.  So unknowingly, someone could spread the Parvovirus to our property. Once the virus is spread to a property it remains on the ground for some number of years.

 We have taken precautions to keep all our dogs and puppies safe.

Click here for information regarding what Parvovirus is.

If you ever wish to see your puppy, please contact me for a video and more photos!  It doesn't bother me one bit to do this for you and want you to know that your puppy is safe and healthy at all times. I will also be posting videos and photos regularly on our Facebook page, so check there for the most recent updates!


When can our puppy come home?

Puppies receive their first set of vaccinations at 6 weeks of age and will be ready to go home at 8 weeks of age.  Within a week of going home we expect you to take your new puppy to the vet(or within 7 business days). During this visit you will provide your vet with the Shot Record, birthdate and get the puppies 9 week set of shots as well as a checkup.  Then I ask that you send me a copy of the vet receipt(and any other paperwork the vet gives you) within a month of the puppy going home.